Rafael Delos Santos


I'm Raf and I build awesome apps in Australia!
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Recent Projects

Here are some projects that I’ve been involved with in the last few years. 👨🏾‍💻

Career snapshots

  • I continue living, learning, and sharing ⏳ (Present)
  • I created themobilecoder project which is a tech blog for anyone who wants to learn mobile app development using Flutter 📱 (2023)
  • I published Aussie Citizenship Test, a free mobile app to help people prepare for their Australian citizenship exam 🇦🇺 (2023)
  • I left Tyro and moved to Commonwealth Bank of Australia - Doshii as a Senior Android engineer to build Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s Smart Terminal 📱 (2021 - Present)
  • I went back to be an Android engineer to build Tyro’s mobile banking app 📱 (2016)
  • I worked at fintech company Tyro Payments as a Backend engineer to help build their treasury backend and APIs 🖥️ (2015)
  • I worked closely with my colleagues in Samsung HQ in Korea to build more prototypes 📱 (2014)
  • I switched role to be an Android engineer at Samsung Electronics where I built prototypes for their Smart Home ecosystem 📱 (2013)
  • I started my career as an Electronics engineer at Innovatronix where I built some consumer electronics circuits ⚡ (2012)
  • I graduated BS Electronics and Electrical Engineering from University of the Philippines 🏫 (2012)